An Overview of Industrial Powder Coating Systems and Techniques

When you want an extremely durable finish for the metal on your equipment and products, nothing else delivers like powder coating. A quick and efficient processes that offers a strong, extremely durable finish that can remain effective for many years.  Powder coating allows metal parts to last longer while keeping your overall operating costs lower.

At Rockett, Inc., we utilize industrial powder coating that meets or exceeds rigorous IEEE standards to provide you with a durable protective finish. When your fabrication needs require a custom manufacturing partner to get your product from concept through production and completely finished, we are your one-stop source.  We can also provide other finishing solutions based on your particular needs, including hot-dip galvanizing, and electroplating.

6 Industrial Powder Coating Techniques

Proper handling of different material types is critical for a robust and durable finish.  Our powder coating is designed to meet or exceed rigorous IEEE standards.

  • Carbon Steel – Even though steel is a strong element, carbon steel will weaken with rust if not protected in some manner.  The type of steel used can also play a part in durability and the ultimate performance of the finish.  At Rockett we utilize Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled carbon steel as much as possible.  HRP&O goes through an additional mill process in which the mill scale has been removed.  This offers a superior surface for powder coating to adhere to.  Other material we process may be shot-blasted to remove mill scale.  After fabrication parts go through a 5 stage washer system to thoroughly clean off manufacturing oils and grim, and impart chemicals to further assist powder coat bonding to the base metal.
  • Stainless Steel – While this steel does not corrode as quickly as other forms; it still must be washer and treated for proper powder adhesion.  We also take care during fabrication to not use sanding or grinding pads that were previously used on carbon steel parts, as this can cause carbon to be imbedded in the stainless surface.
  • Aluminum – Much lighter and more malleable than other forms of metal, aluminum can be a little more challenging as it oxidizes quickly when exposed to air, developing a white chalky patina that affects the surface.  Proper pretreatment is also critical.

Rockett can provide other non-painted finishes depending on your specific needs.  Hot-Dip Galvanizing, zinc dichromate plating, silver plating, and others are possible.

Work with a Custom Industrial Powder Coating Manufacturer

For over 40 years, Rockett has provided the electrical power transmission and distribution industry, as well as tunneling, lumber, and brick and ceramic industries with fabrication and manufacturing support. We use the best materials and processes to make your product market-ready on time and within budget.  And our powder coating is second to none.

Get the best return on your investment when you choose us for your metal protection needs. We are committed to providing you the quality you deserve for your unique requirements.

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