Best Materials for Industrial Powder Coating in Mississippi

Industrial powder coating in Mississippi is a beneficial process that creates a smooth coat on the surface of your materials. This coating creates an attractive finish that’s resistant to multiple forms of damage. Not every material can be powder coated, as this process involves curing in a hot oven.

Metals are the best candidates for powder coating, though some other materials can receive this finishing as well. If you are in need of industrial powder coating services, put your trust in Rockett Inc. We use a dry finishing process that leaves behind a beautiful, durable finish for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Powder Coating Works Best on Metals

Most of the materials that undergo industrial powder coating are metal. Almost any type of metal can be powder coated, including aluminum, brass and stainless steel. The reason for this is that metal can be electrically grounded, so it’s easier to apply the powder coat since the process requires static electricity.

If an object is not made from metal, it has to be heated to a certain temperature before the powder can be applied. The advantage is that durability is increased. The disadvantage is that the end result doesn’t look as smooth or attractive. Nevertheless, you might find that powder coating is still the best option for keeping your equipment safe.

Other Materials for Powder Coating

While industrial powder coating is generally reserved for metals, there are some other materials that may work as well. For instance, glass products and some wood products can receive powder coating. Glass and several species of wood can withstand the extreme heat of the powder coating process without compromising their appearance or strength.

Even some composite materials can be powder coated, with the most common being carbon fiber. On its own, carbon fiber is a durable material, so it’s unlikely that powder coating will make it any stronger. However, powder coating can make the surface more attractive.

Some materials that cannot be powder coated are rubber, some plastics and some wood species. If they can melt during the curing process, they will not make a good candidate for industrial powder coating.

Schedule an Appointment for Industrial Powder Coating in Mississippi

If you have industrial equipment that needs to be powder coated, schedule an appointment with Rockett Inc. We have two electrostatic powder coating systems that deliver reliable, consistent results every time. Once the powder coating process is complete, you can expect a stronger, more durable finish that will withstand corrosion and extend the lifespan of your equipment.






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