Double Flanged Rail Wheels versus Single Flanged Rail Wheels

The wheel has been around since about 3500 B.C. Invented in ancient Mesopotamia, potters first used it. Later, it was used for chariots then wheelbarrows. This extremely beneficial tool played a pivotal part in humankind’s history, especially in transportation. Over time, we took a potter’s wheel for dishes and created metal wheels capable of carrying heavy loads in mines or across the country. One type of wheel that is particularly useful in industrial applications is flanged rail wheels. This addition makes manufacturing work much easier, keeping plant managers happy because they can meet their production schedule and enjoy consistent performance from their teams.

Learn the Difference – Double Flanged and Single Flanged Rail Wheels

The flange is the rim on the circumference of your steel wheel. Surprisingly, it is not the flange that keeps the wheel on the rails during the normal course of use. Instead, wheels are built with a tapered tread that allows for minimal friction and a smooth run along rails. However, when the track curves and the cars move too fast, flanges keep the cars on the rails. Understanding that flanges are essential is only the beginning. Next, it is helpful to know the difference between a double and single flanged rail wheel:

  1. Single Flanged Rail Wheels: You are probably used to seeing this type of wheel on trains and trolleys. Its axles are fixed, so having a single flange is sufficient in these applications. The flange is located only on one side of the wheel, generally on the inside. They are typically used on trued rails.
  2. Double Flanged Rail Wheels: In the case of a double flange wheel, it is best for those conditions that are not easily controlled, and safety is a concern. Kiln operations have extreme weight requirements and high-impact loading where the rails are in less-than-ideal conditions. Often, the rails may be warped, making it necessary for wheels to rotate at their own speeds. The double flange keeps the wheels on uneven rails where wheels move independently. They are also utilized in overhead cranes.

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