Forged Steel Wheels — A Quick Overview

When choosing wheels for intense manufacturing, industrial, and material-handling jobs, forged steel has been the solution of choice for decades. Before forged steel, cast iron wheels were the best option. Made from molten iron poured into sand molds and cooled, cast iron was, in its day, the best option but not without its problems. If not manufactured correctly, cast iron can have irregularities and voids, making it prone to cracking and breakage. Over the years as metal-working techniques improved, the forged steel wheel became the logical replacement.

Top 5 Facts About Forged Steel Wheels

Steel is inherently more versatile than cast iron, but it is the forging process itself that makes these wheels strong and effective. At Rockett Inc., we start with 1045 grade carbon steel which is heated to 2,400 degrees and repeatedly hit with a high-tonnage forging hammer. This process forces the molecules in the steel into alignment, making a far stronger product which is virtually indestructible and perfectly suited for use in intense manufacturing jobs.

Here are 5 facts about the advantages of forged steel wheels:

  1. Incredible strength: Due to the manufacturing process, forged steel wheels possess a ductility and tensile strength far superior to cast iron. Capable of withstanding up to 64,000psi, these wheels are able to perform in extreme temperatures and high-stress situations.
  2. Greater load-bearing: Forged steel wheels are capable of moving a 30% greater load capacity than iron, but also have a versatility which sets them apart. Iron tends to be more brittle, which means irregularities in a track. High friction or sudden changes in load can cause it to fracture or fail outright. Forged steel’s ductility makes it well-suited to reliably handling all these scenarios and more, without putting workers in danger.
  3. Longer-lasting: In addition to being tougher under almost any conditions, steel lasts far longer than iron, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. At Rockett Inc., we guarantee all our forged steel wheels for 10 years on thread wear and flange breakage.
  4. Very customizable: Forged steel is generally a more versatile and customizable product than cast iron. The machining techniques available allow us to craft a product that perfectly suits your needs, which is easier to weld and offers numerous finishing options to further harden and strengthen the steel.
  5. Affordable: Steel wheels are far cheaper than those made from other alloys offering similar capabilities. With all our forged steel products, Rockett Inc. offers a competitive price that ensures you know you are getting the best deal and quality.

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Rockett Inc. has been making some of the most reliable forged steel wheels in the game for over 65 years. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and offer a wide range of sizes and customizable options to give you the perfect solution to your manufacturing or industrial needs.

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