Industrial Powder Coating Finishes You Never Knew Existed

In the world of manufacturing, protective coatings are imperative to ensuring your parts can withstand the wear and tear from use. There are many different types to choose from, including liquid painting and industrial powder coating. Even within each option, there are variations that can enhance your creations to provide your customers with the finishes they prefer.

Rockett Inc. offers industrial powder coating services using an electrostatic powder coating system. Our facility is set up to handle your needs, and we have the experience and expertise to deliver a finished product with consistent quality. You can rest assured that your manufactured products are in the best hands.

4 Types of Powder Coating Finishes You Might Consider for Your Project

Industrial powder coating offers manufacturers and assemblers an extremely durable product. The finishing process is not harsh on the environment and in fact, the overspray contains no solvents and it can be retrieved and reused. What more could you ask for? Since its inception in the 1960s, powder coating has become a favorite. Besides the standard finishes, there are four more you may not realize exist:

  1. Antimicrobial: With the pandemic of 2020, many companies are seeking alternatives that can reduce or prevent the growth of bacteria. This type of finish includes silver ions that prevent bacteria from reproducing when they land on a surface. While it may sound a little odd, silver ions are already used in activewear fabrics to eliminate smells from sweat.
  2. Textured: Powder coatings may be rugged but they’re not impervious. A smooth finish will quickly reveal a scratch or slight imperfections from inconsistencies in metal fabrication. Textured coatings can absorb the punishments from day-to-day wear. They can be used during die casting to hide pinholes from outgassing.
  3. Metallic: This sometimes tricky process uses metals, generally aluminum, to create the finish. The metal in the powder stands up in the electromagnetic charge making it a feisty contender. When done right, you can have a beautiful finish for your products.
  4. Wood: Yes! It may be possible to have a powder coating that takes on the look of wood. You’ll find this most popular within the window and door industry. It gives consumers the look of wood with the price of and wear of metal, making it an affordable alternative to real wood.

Get Expert Industrial Powder Coating from Rockett, Inc.

Find the best industrial powder coating system in the southeast when you work with Rockett Inc. We take your manufacturing requests and turn them into quality products that you can utilize in your operation. We offer many standard-sized parts or can work with you to design the unique piece for your business. We are proud to be an ISO 9001 Certified company. Ask about our custom designing, metal fabrication, machining, and other manufacturing services. Partner with us for the best products around!

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