Point Checklist to Identify a Dependable Contract Manufacturer

As a company, you care about developing, manufacturing, and delivering quality products. You invest capital for new buildings and equipment in an effort to keep up with production. Sometimes it makes more financial sense to outsource some of your manufacturing needs; however, you never want to compromise on quality.

Rockett, Inc. can provide your business with a large range of customized manufacturing capabilities while maintaining high quality. We can meet your production needs using your drawings, specifications, and scheduling requirements.  We are here to help you grow.

Distinguishing Traits of a Successful Custom Contract Manufacturer

Know what to look for in your potential partner. Check out these five success traits:

  • Focus on the Customer Is Paramount:It is important to place the needs of the customers as number one priority. This can be reflected in every facet of your interaction with them from answering phones to product delivery. Serving better with each project should be one of your prime goals.
  • Employ True Craftsmen and Staff:Working with high quality equipment is important, but it does not replace the knowledge of the men and women that operate it. Whether it is the receptionist, sales representative or production team, each member should be trained and equipped to serve you and your project needs in the best way possible.
  • Prioritize Education:Placing time and resources in training staff and educating customers sets a potential partner at the head of the class. They walk you through their processes and understand the importance of providing valuable information and resources. They can be trusted as thought-leaders in their industry.
  • Maintain Industry Certification: If you want a company that is looking out for you, they should have the appropriate certifications. No matter if it is precision CNC lathe work or industrial powder coating, ISO Certification ensures the company works at the highest industrial standards that are recognized and agreed upon internationally.
  • Have a Positive Track Record:Testimonials are mandatory to back up claims. When researching a company, check their website for good feedback, visit the Better Business Bureau, and look for outside reviews. Too many negative reviews should be a red flag.

Choose a Trusted Provider with a History of Quality

For over 60 years, Rockett, Inc. has served the brick and ceramic, tunneling, and energy industries. We use the best materials and processes to make your product market-ready on your schedule.  We have the equipment and knowledge to be your go to metal fabricator.

Get the best return for your investment when you choose us for your outsourced custom manufacturing needs. We are committed to providing you the quality you deserve for your specific requirements.

Contact us at 601-939-2471 or request a quote online from the premier contract manufacturing company in Mississippi.






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