Single vs Double Flanged Steel Wheels

When shopping for flanged-steel wheels, you have two main options to choose from: single-flanged wheels or double-flanged wheels.

Flanged wheels are trusted to keep industrial vehicles on track while offering long-lasting support. While the flanges themselves don’t keep the wheels on track, they are used as a safety feature.

So which type of wheel is right for your operations – single or double flanged? Let’s learn more about each one and how to choose the best option for your needs.

Single-Flanged Wheels

When it comes to single- and double-flanged wheels, there is no right answer for every situation. It all depends on the conditions the wheels are used in and if added safety measures need to be taken.

In most cases, single-flanged wheels are sufficient. They can handle heavy-duty loads and conditions, and they prevent unnecessary metal-on-metal rubbing. A single flange on each wheel is usually all a vehicle needs to prevent movement in either direction.

Double-Flanged Wheels

The other option you have is a double-flanged wheel, which is where you have two flanges instead of one. We generally recommend these wheels for conditions that aren’t as controlled or when safety is of the utmost importance.

For example, there are many machines that are unable to operate in clean, controlled settings. These types of machines have the risk of becoming warped at various angles and they need more than conventional track applications.

For example, if there are slightly non-straight tracks, having two flanges will hold one rail side true and the other can vary a bit. Some larger cars might also have 6 to 8 wheels with the inner wheels being either single or double flanged and the outer wheels as flat face just for support.

Having two flanges is also beneficial when the tracks are in poor condition. Double-flanged wheels will keep the industrial vehicles on track despite less-than-favorable track conditions.

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