When Should You Use Flanged Steel Wheels

Rockett Inc. offers flanged steel wheels that maneuver smoothly and evenly to keep wheels on the rail and avoid floor damage. These wheels are ideal for commercial applications when loads of raw materials or products are being transported at low speed on a regular straight-line basis.

Because flanged wheels have a projecting edge or “flange” on their circumference, they stay on the track and ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. However, there are different types of wheels available, so you might not be sure when to choose flanged wheels made from forged-steel and when to choose a different option.

Below are some of the instances where you will want to order flanged wheels from Rockett Inc.

You need heavy-duty wheels that can take lots of wear and tear.

When looking for wheels that can withstand the toughest wear and tear, your best bet is forged steel.   Forged steel is one of the strongest metals options that exists.

Forged metal is compressed into an extremely dense and strong material with excellent ductility. Single and double flanged wheels are made from forged steel to ensure maximum strength and durability.  Rockett has a range of forged steel wheels sizes and types.

You work in a rigorous industry that requires transferring heavy loads.

Some industries transfer heavy loads on a regular basis, and these loads can contain raw materials, products and even people! Flanged wheels stay on the track, ensuring a safe and productive operation.

Some of the industries that benefit most from flanged rail wheels are:

  • Brick and ceramic
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Forestry
  • Wood processing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hydropower
  • Oil and gas

The operating conditions are not well controlled.

Many material transfer vehicles don’t have the luxury of operating in clean, well-controlled settings. For example, lumber drying kilns require operators to transport lumber in and out of the kilns, and the conditions are not ideal.

No matter the condition of the metal rail configurations, flanged steel wheels are able to offer low-friction transportation. If safety is of special concern, we may recommend a double-flanged wheel. These wheels move independently of each other but have their own flanges on either side of the tread.

Order Heavy Duty Flanged Steel Wheels Today

Rockett Inc. is a trusted name for forged steel wheels with single and double flanges. With over 100 years of experience, we stay true to our core values while embracing the latest technologies. You can count on us to deliver competitively priced forged steel wheels in a timely manner. Contact us today to find a wheel that fits your commercial or industrial needs.






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