Why Do Steel Track Wheels Have Flanges

If someone told you that their vehicle had wheels that weren’t fully secured, would you get in? Probably not. And you certainly wouldn’t be driving 100 miles per hour in the car! Just as the wheels on your car play an important role in keeping you safe on the road, so do the wheels on other equipment like kiln cars, mine carts, trains and trolleys.

When operating industrial equipment, you need to trust that the wheels are safe and well secured. That’s why most equipment uses flanged wheels – either single-flanged, double-flanged or flat-faced wheels. Rockett Inc. can help you choose the best flanged steel wheels for your budget, application and long-term needs.

What is the Purpose of a Wheel Flange?

Wheel flanges are a key component of all vehicle types, including cars, trains, commercial trucks and trailers. They allow wheels to be attached to an axle on a vehicle.

In the case of drive wheels on motor vehicles, wheel flanges are mechanically locked to one end of the drive axles or spindles. In other contexts, a wheel flange refers to the beveled flat surfaces on the inboard side of the wheels.

For example, the flanges on train wheels keep train cars on the tracks. They prevent them from sliding to the left or right, as well as falling off the track. Similarly, wheel flanges can keep wheeled conveyors in industrial plants on their correct tracks as they make their way around a building.

Difference Between Single-Flanged, Double-Flanged and Flat-Faced

Now that you know that flanges are a key component of any wheel design, let’s explore the different options you have. Single-flanged track wheels each have one flange that guides the wheel along a flat track or rail. These wheels are a great choice for most applications, as they create less friction than dual-flanged wheels, and they can handle heavy-duty loads and conditions.

Dual-flanged track wheels, on the other hand, consist of two flanges on each side instead of one. This allows the wheels to sit between wheels or tracks more securely. We recommend dual-flanged wheels when there are safety concerns or when conditions are less controlled. We also offer additional configurations such as flat-faced wheels.

Standard Sizes of Flanged Steel Wheels

Rockett Inc. can use all of the wheel styles in conjunction to provide extra stability and support across your car or cart. We have a large inventory of flanged track wheels in stock, but we’ll also be happy to create a custom flanged wheel that meets your exact specifications.

The standard wheel sizes we have in stock are:

  • Single-flanged: 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” diameter
  • Double-flanged: 10”, 12” diameter
  • Flat-faced: 10”, 12” diameter
  • Light duty single-flanged: 5”, 6”, 8” diameter

Don’t forget to ask us about some of the other custom features we can add, such as extra hardening, custom boring, additional bushings and custom tread profiling. We will put together the perfect flanged wheels for your application using high-quality 1045 grade steel. Contact Rockett Inc. today for a quote.






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