About Us

Leading Contract Manufacturer with over 100 years of Trusted Technology

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide quality and value for our customers. We pledge to provide competitively priced manufactured goods on time through a program of continuous improvement.

Our Story

The evolving need of our customers have transformed a small Mississippi machine shop from the early 1900’s into a modern comprehensive contract manufacturer. We now produce and ship finished goods and subassemblies for many industries throughout the United States and overseas.

Industries we service include: Electric Energy, Power Transmission & Distribution, Generation & Motors, Material Handling, Brick & Ceramics, Furnaces & Kilns, Steelmaking, and other niche markets. We specialize in Forged Steel Wheels & Assemblies, NEMA Enclosures and Weldments, Tunnel Kiln Cars, and Powder Coat Painting. Rockett uses “Best Practice” manufacturing and management techniques that afford flexibility and value for our customers. By coupling a dedicated and capable team with modern equipment and ample facility: Rockett is ready to serve your manufacturing needs!

Contract Manufacture-Rockett INC






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