Material Handling

R350-muck-car-axle-assyBuilding on the success of our forged steel kiln car wheel designs for the ceramics industry, Rockett Inc. expanded its scope to serve broader material handling markets. Our line of standard flanged steel wheels, custom machined wheels, and axle assemblies are currently used in a wide variety of demanding industrial applications. This combined with our custom metal fabrication capabilities make us a one-stop solution for heavy-duty material handling needs.

Our durable flanged rail wheels are well suited for the tough environments encountered in many industries. We have many sets of running gear for tunneling equipment in operation around the U.S. and our expertise in kiln car fabrication is well suited for making muck carts and rolling stock for pit and mine rail-based use. Industries served include:

Timber & Lumber
As Mississippi metal fabricators; Rockett has long served the forestry industry in our state by manufacturing a variety of products. Our experience making kiln cars and kiln car wheels for brick makers matches perfectly for lumber mills using large wood drying kilns. We also have experience making precision chain and cable sheaves, planting blades, and other custom CNC machined parts.

Tier-1 Automotive
In this highly efficiency just-in-time industry, having materials positioned and ready is critical. Our flexibility as custom metal fabricators enables us to develop special carts and handling solutions that integrate with our customers’ workflow.

We manufacture various products for the mining industry. Examples are mining cart wheels and muck cart wheels.

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