Flanged Rail Wheels

Flanged Rail Wheels – An Overview
Flanges are the part of a wheel shape or profile that extending below the tread or rolling surface in contact with the rail head. It’s a wheel’s flange that helps keep your cars or carts on track safely reducing the likelihood of any kind of mishap occurring at your work site. There are 3 basic designs: Single-flanged, Double-flanged, and Flat-faced rail wheels. The most common are the Single-flanged style; especially when the tracks are good and parallel. Some more difficult applications have variances in the track-gage that require a more forgiving design. For this typically one side uses Double-flanged wheels with the other side having Flat-faced treads and no flanges that let the car have more lateral movement. Both designs are widely used today all over the world in the most difficult industrial applications such as heavy material handling vehicles, mining carts, factory carts, bogies, kiln cars, cranes, marine tracks, and lumber kilns rely on Rockett flanged rail wheels to meet tough daily demands and keep on rolling.

High Quality Flanged Rail Wheels by Rockett Inc.

We utilize high-quality 1045 grade forged steel combined with precision CNC machining to offer wheels that support extra durability and increased lifespan. With Rockett wheels; know that you will get the best bang for your buck and the least amount of service and maintenance during the lifetime of each wheel. Our high-grade steel is simply the superior choice over less expensive cast iron, which is more brittle and much more prone to cracking and breakage.

When inferior materials and processes are used, it can cause hazardous tread wobble, wheel slippage, and even off-gauge configurations, all of which can promote unnecessary wear on wheels and tracks.

Which Should You Choose: Single-flanged or Double-flanged and Flat-faced?

For most applications, single-flanged wheels will suffice to handle even heavy-duty loads and conditions. All these wheels can be used for both idler style or keyed and driven. And Rockett offers both stub axle or thru axle assembly styles as well. We can work with whatever your mounting requirements dictate and fixed wheelsets can be machined to meet whatever rail dimensions are required.

Whenever you are working in conditions that involve uneven loading, high impacts, or extra heavy loads, we can us all the wheel styles in conjunction to give even support and stability across the entire area of your car or cart. These kinds of wheels are your best bet for keeping wheels on the track and ensuring safe operations for all your workers. They are excellent for use in industries such as forestry, mining, foundry material transfer, and various other factory operations.

Standard Flanged Wheels Vs. Custom Flanged Wheels

Because of the wide variety of industries which can make use of
flanged rail wheels, there are sometimes requirements which go beyond the standard set of flanged wheels we keep in stock. For these requirements, Rockett is happy to work with you to create custom flanged rail wheels according to your exact specification needs and then produce them in a cost-effective manor with our precision processes.

Here is a listing of the standard sized wheels which we maintain in stock:
Single Flanged8”, 10”, 12”, 14(350mm) dia.
Double Flanged10”, 12” dia.
Flat Faced10″,12” dia.
Light Duty Single Flanged5″,6″ , 8”, dia.

With our customizing process, you’ll be able to include additional features and added machining, to take advantage of extra hardening, custom boring, additional bushings, and custom tread profiling.

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