Forged Steel Wheels

Why Rockett uses forgings?

Forging is one of the oldest metalworking processes. Solid steel billets are heated to specific temperatures and compressed in a die to form a desired shape. During this process the internal crystalline structure and grain pattern of the metal is altered and reformed to match the shape imposed on it by the dies. This metallurgical refinement creates a stronger steel product better able to withstand impact and shear forces.

Forged Steel is superior to cast products in numerous ways:

  • Forging steel from a billet or ingot eliminates instances of porosity, cavities, shrinkage, cold pouring, and other casting issues.
  • A forging is stronger than a cast or plate products because the internal grain pattern realigns to its new shape. This forged realignment localizes mechanical strength characteristics where needed & increases wear resistance.
  • Forging steel minimizes the need for more expensive alloys in order to achieve the same strength profile.
    Rockett Forged Steel Wheels are known for their strength, durability, and value. All of our forgings are made from 1045 grade steel and have a 10-year guarantee against breakage. We offer a line of standard forged shapes and we can work with you to develop custom shapes as needed. Please see our Rockett Wheel page for more information.






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