Kiln Cars

kilncarstacksRockett Inc. is a foundational player in the modern brick making industry. Post World War II America saw a boom in demand for brick and ceramic products. The major ceramic engineering firms saw the best productivity came from continuous firing tunnel kilns. The clay products are loaded on fabricated steel decks or “kiln cars”. Riding on flanged rail wheels, the cars are slowly advanced through the long tunnel kiln where they are baked at temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. As the cars emerge from the opposite kiln end; they are unloaded, and the kiln cars are cycled back to be the front to be reloaded and repeat the firing cycle. This system enables cost effective high output.

The kiln car must withstand this repetitive exposure to such high temperatures without deformation or breakdown during years of service. For over 65 years Rockett has used precision metal fabrication techniques to build kiln cars, dryer rack cars, transfer cars, concrete, and furnace cars for customers across North America and across the world.

Each kiln has unique design aspects. This means the cars are unique to the kiln, and can vary greatly in size, construction, and complexity. Many decades of custom metal fabrication have taught us the right ways to manufacture cars for consistent quality. Furthermore, we verify car to car sealing, alignment, and accuracy on test tracks to ensure trouble-free performance for every kiln car we build.

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