Muck Cart Wheels – An Overview

Mining and tunneling are some of the hardest and most demanding work environments to be found. The process of removing rock, dirt, sand, and other forms of overburden put extreme wear and tear on the equipment needed to do the work effectively with minimal downtime.
For the last four decades and more, Rockett, Inc. has been providing the highest quality wheels and axle assemblies for companies these industries. We also serve customers in the brick and ceramics market, and other utilizing heavy duty material handling. Because we have always worked with only the best available materials and our manufacturing processes produce the best quality products, we have become well-known as one of the most reliable and reputable companies in our field.

Muck Cart Wheels by Rockett
Our muck cart wheels are made with the understanding that they will be used in harsh environments and have to withstand impacts, as well as being exposed to all kinds of challenging conditions. Cheaper cast wheels which are made using less diligent processes might easily crack and become brittle with regular usage. You can count on Rockett, Inc. forged steel wheels to outperform any cast wheel to get the job done. When you purchase Rockett, Inc. products, you can expect them to last a long time, and to deliver great performance throughout their entire service life.

Forged Steel Muck Cart Wheels
One of the big reasons that our muck cart wheels last so long and perform so well is because they are made of forged steel. This material provides several benefits that are simply not available from any other material or process, and that also makes them the best buy for the money. Because our forged steel wheels are so durable, they won’t give out on the job and leave you in the lurch. The longer life span expected from forged steel products, makes Rockett muck cart wheels the economical choice.

Make the Right Choice: Standard or Custom Muck Cart Wheels?
For the most part, you should be able to use our standard wheels on your muck carts, and you will get great usage from any of the sizes we have in stock. We can also custom machine wheels and axle assemblies per your requirements. We can work from a design you provide, or work together with you to produce a muck cart wheel that needed your specific needs. Standard or custom, we guarantee you will be totally satisfied with the results.

Rockett, Inc. also offers a comprehensive range of metal fabrication capabilities. We can build your complete muck car, or other components for your most demanding applications.

If you are looking for the best products at the most affordable prices, look no further than Rockett, Inc.

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