Mine Cart Wheels – An Overview

For more than 40 years now, Rockett, Inc. has been providing high-quality components for use in several different industries, including brick and ceramics, electrical PT & D, and heavy-duty material handling. In addition to using the best processes for manufacturing top grade standard products, we offer custom manufacturing in which we can either work from your drawings and specifications, or we can collaborate to arrive at cost effective designs for the finished products you need.

Mine Cart Wheels by Rockett Meet ISO 9001:2015 Certification Standards
Our mine cart wheels are forged from 1045 grade carbon steel. We offer a range of single flanged standard sizes, as well as double flanged and flat face options. Most sizes having induction-hardened treads, which extend their useful working life considerably. These forged steel wheels can help save your company thousands of dollars because they are extra-tough and will not cause you to suffer through downtime or the need for frequent replacement. We machine our own axles, and can offer a wide variety of standard wheel and axle combinations to fit your applications. We use a variety of bearing options too.

Forged Steel Mine Cart Wheels
By using forging steel; Rockett, Inc. imparts a number of very desirable benefits to our wheels, including high tensile strength, extra toughness through localizing strength where needed. This makes the wheels more adaptable to irregularities on the track. This also makes flange breakage less likely. The forging process increases their load-bearing capacity and impact resistance, and the extended life of the wheel makes them much more economical. Our wheels can last for decades if maintained properly.

Standard Vs. Custom Mine Cart Wheels
When you are seeking high-quality mine cart wheels for your industrial application, you have two choices – either find standard wheels which are fairly close to your needs, or have precision wheels produced according to your exact specifications. When you order custom wheels, you’ll have the added benefits of choosing a specific diameter, adding grease fittings, selecting your desired tread width, and adding a shaft or bushings which best serve your needs. Depending on your needs, new forged shapes can be created.

Our Standard Mine Cart Wheel Sizes
The wheel sizes that we normally have in stock are as follows:

Single Flanged8”, 10”, 12”, 14 (350mm) dia.
Double Flanged 10″, 12” dia.
Flat Faced 10″, 12” dia.
Light Duty Single Flanged 5″,6″, 8” dia.

If one of these standard-sized wheels will work for your specific applications, we can offer them to you at the most affordable prices in the industry. For custom size requirements, we’ll be more than happy to work with you to create wheels which are exactly suited to your needs. We are a ISO 9001:2015 Certified. company and committed to quality at every step.

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