Kiln Car Wheels

“We improved the wheel”

Kiln Car WheelsIn 1965 Rockett recognized the need for a stronger longer-lasting kiln car wheel to replace the brittle cast iron wheels used in the brick and industry. After much development the now famous R12 forged steel wheel was introduced with a 10-year guarantee for tread life and flange breakage. Rockett forged steel kiln car wheels quickly became the industry standard.

We design and fabricate complete assemblies utilizing tapered roller bearings in stub and thru-axle mounting designs. We make idler and keyed drive assemblies, as well as custom designs based on your needs.

All forging are 1045 grade carbon steel. Most sizes have induction hardened treads for extra long life. Standard forged wheel sizes we stock:

Single Flanged8”, 10”, 12”, 14 (350mm) dia.
Double Flanged 12” dia.
Flat Faced 12” dia.
Light Duty Single Flanged 5″,6″, 8” dia.

We can design and machine custom wheels from plate circles up to 18” diameter. Flame hardening available.

Please see our downloadable brochure of standard wheels sizes and standard assemblies.







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