5 Things to Know About Flanged Steel Wheels

Rockett, Inc’s popular flanged steel wheels maneuver smoothly and offer exceptional shock absorption and tensile strength. These wheels are designed for heavy-duty commercial applications such as mining, aerospace, pipeline engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Cast iron wheels share many similarities with forged steel, although forged steel is generally stronger and more reliable. You will also pay more for forged steel than you will for cast iron. If you’re considering purchasing flanged wheels for your application, here are five things to know.

  1. Flanges are designed to keep wheels on the rails.

A flange refers to the projecting edge or rim on a steel wheel and is intended to keep the wheel on track. Flanged wheels are made of a bearing and a wheel center with a flange. Thanks to flanged wheels, loads are taken off the floor for easier rolling, floor protection, and controlled movement all at the same time.

  1. There are two types of flanged wheels – single and double.

When looking for flanged wheels, there are two main types: single and double flanged wheels. Single flanged wheels are wheels with a flange on only one side of its tread. They are commonly used for trains, trolleys, and other commercial vehicles with fixed axles.

Double flanged wheels have two flanges, making them ideal for situations where the tracks may be unstable, or obstructive debris may be present. Two flanges are not necessary for all applications, but they are a great pick when you’re looking for the utmost safety.

  1. Flanged wheels can be used across many industries.

There’s no question that flanged wheels can be used for many different industries such as the following:

  • Marine industry
  • Mining operations
  • Food processing
  • Chemical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Forestry industry
  • Offshore loading
  • And much more!
  1. Flanged wheels can be made from different materials.

Flanged wheels may be made from steel, cast iron, or cast nylon. The two most common materials are cast iron and steel. Cast iron is cheaper to manufacture but it is hard and brittle. This makes it more susceptible to fractures.

Steel is more robust and offers the strength that’s needed for industrial applications. Rockett, Inc., utilizes high quality 1045 grade forged steel combined with precision CNC machining for increased durability, strength, and lifespan.

  1. It’s important to choose the right wheel for the application.

Before buying steel wheels, make sure that you’re clear about the function you want the wheels to serve. If you don’t, you could end up spending money on wheels that don’t increase efficiency or keep workers and equipment safe. If you’re not sure what forged steel wheels you need, contact Rockett, Inc., for a custom wheel.

If you’re shopping for flanged rail wheels, contact Rockett, Inc., for a free quote.






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