5 Things to Know About Rockett’s Muck Cart Wheels

Muck carts are used in a variety of settings to make tasks easier and more efficient. While these carts can be used around the home and farm, they are also used for more demanding tasks like mining and tunneling. When it comes to these jobs, you can’t rely on lightweight pneumatic tires. Mining and tunneling require forged steel wheels like the ones from Rockett Inc.

As you consider your options for muck cart wheels, here are five things to know about ordering yours from Rockett Inc.

  1. Our muck cart wheels are designed for demanding jobs.

As the highest quality wheels on the market, Rockett’s muck cart wheels are made for the most complex jobs. We serve a wide range of industries, including mining, tunneling, bricks and ceramics. Really, any job that involves removing dirt, rock and sand can benefit from our forged steel wheels.

  1. All muck cart wheels are made from forged steel.

Our muck cart wheels are made from forged steel, a material created from alloying iron and carbon under high pressure. We’ve chosen to use forged steel because of its strength, durability and resistance to heat and corrosion. Once you make the initial investment, you can enjoy dependable wheels that last a lifetime.

  1. Our forged steel wheels are economical.

Cheaper cast wheels can easily crack and become brittle with age and regular usage, especially in demanding environments like mining and tunneling. This means you’re left spending time and money fixing the wheels. Our wheels have an exceptionally long lifespan – pay for them once and enjoy them for decades!

  1. We accept custom orders.

The fastest way to get your muck cart wheels is by choosing from the sizes we have available. If these don’t work for you, we can work together to produce a wheel that fits your specific needs. Or, you can give us a design and we can work with that! We want you to be satisfied, and this is the best way to do it!

  1. We can also build your entire muck cart!

Not only can Rockett Inc. custom make your wheels, but also we can build your entire muck cart from scratch! Because of our metal fabrication capabilities, we’re able to provide this all-in-one service to our clients. We can also handle individual components for the muck cart if this is all you need.

Contact Rockett Inc. for Custom Muck Cart Wheels

Rockett Inc. understands that each business is unique, which is why we have the ability to make custom muck carts and muck cart wheels. We use the highest quality materials and pay exceptionally close attention to every detail. Contact Rockett Inc. to learn more about our process and how to go about ordering muck cart wheels for your needs!






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