Advantages of Forged Steel Wheels Over Cast Iron

In a production environment, you have the constant stress of deadlines to meet customer expectations. Equipment failure is the last thing you need as you strive to maintain a consistent and efficient production line. Unfortunately, it’s easy to ignore the issue until it happens. The cost of lost productivity and downtime is commonly forgotten as you go about making day to day investments and dealing with ongoing business expenses. However, it’s important to realize that choosing the least expensive option for your next piece of equipment may cost you more money and time than you expect. If a cast iron wheel breaks in the middle of a shift and you replace it with another cast iron wheel, there is no guarantee that it will last. In reality, cast iron doesn’t make much sense when tougher forged steel wheels can fill the need and last much longer. Over time forged steel wheels prove to be a better value.

At Rockett, Inc., we offer forged steel wheels for a wide range of applications across several different industries. Choosing the right type of wheel can save you time, money, and disgruntled employees. We understand this and proudly offer forged steel wheels that will meet and exceed all your expectations for heavy material handling requirements.

3 Reasons Why Forged Steel Wheels Are A Better Choice

Maybe you have heard about the strength in forged steel, but you still hesitate to make the leap. Consider these reasons to forgo cast iron in favor of forged steel:

  1. Greater Strength: The process includes shaping metal with compressive forces. It is heated up to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit and then repeatedly hit with forging hammers. This process enhances its strength and toughness by redistributing the steels grain structure to focus strength where it is most important.
  2. Fantastic Option for Heavy Weight-Bearing Operations: Forged steel wheels can handle the rigors of heavyweight requirements. They can be used in a variety of applications like:
    • High-temperature settings like tunnel kilns, furnace cars, and annealing ovens.
    • Manufacturing situations such as brickmaking, steel mills, and mining.
    • Warehouse applications for heavy material handling, and overhead cranes.
  3. Lasts Longer: When you need wheels that will last longer and resist wear and cracking, then choose forged steel over cast iron.

Work with Mississippi’s Leading Forged Steel Wheels Manufacturer

Choose to work with a company that offers uncompromising quality and decades of experience for your manufacturing needs. As an ISO 9001 Certified company, we have the capabilities to custom build the perfect solution for your needs. Look to us for help with fabrication for your challenging projects. With high quality custom machining and industrial powder coating services also available, we’re your one-stop-shop!

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