Outsource to A Trusted Contract Manufacturer for Speed, Efficiency and Cost-Effective Production

Building new manufacturing facilities can be costly for any business. One way to use resources wisely is to outsource your manufacturing needs to a contract manufacturer. When you hire a custom service manufacturer, it’s like adding an extension to your facilities, without the major investments in capital and the added costs to operate.

Rockett, Inc. can provide you with a full range of metal fabrication capabilities and know-how to get you from prototype to market on time. Working from your drawings or designs, we can meet your custom manufacturing needs and improve the quality of your products.

We offer the support you need for your project. Whether you need a single prototype or workflow production of your products, we can help. To keep up with changes in market demand and stay on top of advancements in technology, we continually refine our processes, capabilities, and equipment. This ensures that our team always has the latest resources and up to date knowledge to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Manufacturing doesn’t have to be a costly, stressful aspect of your business. Take advantage of the many benefits offered by partnering with a fabricator like Rockett, Inc.

Make the Most of Custom Contract Manufacturing with These Advantages

To make the most of your customized production projects; consider these advantages:

  • Materials on site: Why build a facility to store materials when we have the space. We stock a wide range of grades, shapes, and sizes of the following items in our facilities:
    • mild and alloy steel
    • stainless steel
    • aluminum
    • copper
    • brass
    • galvanneal
    • galvanized steel
  • Expertise to meet your needs: Our skilled team has decades of experience utilizing the best manufacturing techniques. We will discuss the project with you at length and assess your production requirements, and the best quality and value solutions for you.
  • Flexibility: Whether you need a short run or consistent just-in-time production, we can adapt to a variety of applications. We will work with you to develop a production schedule that fits best with your business needs.
  • Quality is key: Stringent quality assurance is our goal.  Following ISO 9001:2008 Certification standards gives you the peace of mind that quality is absolutely important.
  • Assembly: We do not stop with fabrication. We can add assembly processes to your products as well to further add value for you.
  • Shipping:You will not have to worry about shipping. Rockett offers shipping services to our local customers, and can coordinate cost-effective LTL or full truckload shipments.
  • Return on investment:We strive to be competitively-priced, giving you more bang for your buck on your production cycles.

Choose a Custom Manufacturer with a History of Quality

Rockett has120 years of history metal fabricating. For over 50 years, we’ve been a central player in fabricated and machining metal products for the brick and ceramic making industries. Over the past 25 years we’ve become leading supplier of oil-tight transformer tanks, NEMA-style enclosures and weld ments for the electrical power transmission and distribution industry, specializing in high durability powder coating.  We use the best materials and processes to make your product market-ready, on time and within budget.

Get the best return for your investment when you choose us for your custom manufacturing needs. We are committed to providing quality and value you for your unique requirements.

Contact us at601-939-2471 or request a quote online from the premier contract manufacturer in Mississippi.






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