Why a Single Source Contract Manufacturer is Good for Business

The greatest advantage of working with a single source contract manufacturer is that they can help you save time and money without sacrificing quality. Whether you are looking to source powder coated electrical enclosures and fabricated metal parts, or forged steel wheels for your kiln cars and heavy rail-based material handling, finding a manufacturing partner who can reduce your production time and cost will enhance your company’s competitive edge. Learn how partnering with a company that provides end-to-end solutions helps achieve your manufacturing goals.

  • Reduced time to market: Working with a full-service contract manufacturer has proven to significantly lower production time. Since the entire project is managed in-house, products can move faster from the design stage to the manufacturing floor. Material procurement, design-engineering and production teams work in tandem to manage any issues and ensure successful, on-time completion. In the case of multiple suppliers, a single delay can have a domino effect, throwing the entire supply chain out of gear.
  • Decreased cost: Multiple sourcing services often mean additional transportation costs and taxes, depending on where your components are coming from. Added to this are possible rework expenses and time delays because of mismatches in production. One of the greatest benefits of partnering with a single-source contract manufacturer is being able to take advantage of the economies of scale.
  • Greater quality control: A single source contract manufacturer has better control over all aspects of quality and is likely to deliver more viable output. This can become very challenging when you have numerous vendors who are only focused on individual aspects of the job.
  • Easier to manage: Having one company to deal with instead of multiple contractors also reduces your administrative efforts and time. Managing several contracts involves devoting more resources to the job (duplication of efforts) as well as increases the risk of supply chain issues. Solving any problems often involves navigating a maze of tasks and responsibilities between various service providers. On the other hand, working with just one company means you will have a single point of contact to keep track of your project and communicate with you at every stage of product development.
  • Custom solutions: Should you have specific requirements or modifications to be done, a single-source contract manufacturer will be more accommodating and easier to work with.

At Rockett Inc., we produce and ship finished goods and sub-assemblies for many industries including electrical power transmission and distribution, generation and motors, material handling, brick and ceramics, furnace and kiln, steelmaking, and other niche markets. As a trusted contract manufacturer, our customers throughout the United States and around the world rely on our tailored solutions and end-to-end service to improve their market position. For instance, our superior forged flanged steel wheels design has contributed to the improved performance of kiln cars. Competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and exceptional service has earned us customer respect, loyalty and referral business.

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