Useful Tips from a Leading Electrical Enclosure Manufacturer

A few simple measures taken during electrical enclosure design and installation can help avoid a multitude of problems that impact your equipment performance and lifespan. For instance, heat buildup, which has proven to cause a significant amount of equipment failures and productivity problems, can be dealt with at the design stage.As a leading contract manufacturer, Rockett Inc. has the expertise and capabilities to help develop the best solution for your needs.

Here are some valuable tips to help reduce your downtime costs.

  • Location: Designate a site for minimal exposure to direct sunlight or near a heat source as this will cause heat buildup. Also try to avoid excessive exposure to direct water spray on the enclosure or it may be exposed to steam. When an outdoor location is inevitable, consider building a shelter around it, taking into account heat dissipation.
  • Air flow: Resist the temptation to pack the enclosure with equipment. Electrical apparatus must have sufficient space around it for free flow of air. Lack of breathing space will cause heat buildup (and even condensation) and damage your equipment. Similarly, if you are considering mounting the electrical enclosure on a wall, ensure there is enough airspace between the two.
  • Layout: When dealing with equipment that is known to generate more heat during use, plan for a generously sized enclosure. Place parts that will heat up, closer to the top. Since heat rises, more will escape from the top than the bottom. Provide for extra ventilation where necessary. Also, pay attention when including high performance seals as they restrict ventilation and heat dissipation. This increases the potential for damage, especially to heat-sensitive parts.
  • Material:The material you choose plays an important role in heat accumulation. Keep in mind that heat transfer occurs in two ways—into and out of the enclosure. Metal electrical enclosures are better at dispersing heat that is generated internally. Consider the site, weather conditions (if location is external) and air quality while selecting a material. An experienced manufacturer can help you make the right choice for your application.
  • Thermal management: Temperature has a direct bearing on the performance, reliability and life span of your electrical equipment. Thermal issues account for a majority of failures in equipment that is within an enclosure. These potential issues can be best managed when taken into account at the design stage. Consider doing a thermal balance analysis or consult a thermal management expert to avoid unnecessary equipment failures, costly repairs and unnecessary downtime.
  • Condensation: Condensation can also impact equipment reliability and safety.While outdoor electrical enclosures are particularly susceptible to condensation, high humidity can have a similar effect on indoor ones. Built-in humidity control and enclosures with adequate space for air flow can help avoid these issues.
  • Weatherizing: Corrosion-resistance is an important consideration for outdoor electrical enclosures that must face all kinds of weather challenges. Whether or not they last for their expected lifespan of 40 to 50 years depends on the quality of paint finish or powder coating that is applied. A reliable manufacturer uses approved coatings that meet or exceed specified standards for enhanced corrosion resistance. These coatings have been tested and approved for use in your specific application.
  • IEEE standards: There are specific IEEE recommendations with regard to location, temperatures, circuit breakers, installation, etc. for safe operation of electrical enclosures. To minimize your liabilities, ensure compliance with IEEE standards for your application.

As a leading electrical enclosure manufacturer, Rockett Inc. has over 25 years’ experience building encloses and the capabilities to meet your unique needs. Our knowledge of industry requirements and codes contributes to delivering products that are high performing and durable. A state-of-the-art metal fabrication facility in Mississippi and our veteran team enables us to design NEMA-style enclosures that provide the level of protection you want.

Reliability, performance, safety, cost-efficiency; we cover all your most important needs. Our mission to deliver quality and value has helped customers in the electric energy, power transmission and distribution, generation and motors, material handling, brick and ceramics, furnaces and kilns, and mining industries run successful, safe operations.

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