Flanged Steel Wheels & Flanged Rail Wheels

What Rockett INC offers?

In 1965 Rockett answered the need for a better Flanged Rail Wheel commonly used in the Brick & Ceramic industry. Our “Forged” Flanged Steel Wheel design proved far superior to the brittle cast iron commonly used at the time. Since then we have expanded our product line for use in the broader industrial material handling industry. Rockett’s standard flanged rail wheels are most commonly used with 30-40 lb. A.S.C.E. steel rail. We offer single flange, double flange, and flat face shapes ranging in size from 5 to 14 inches. All are 1045 grade steel. Many have induction hardened treads for extra wear resistance. We design & fabricate assemblies using tapered roller bearings & precision machined axles.

Rockett can also custom machine flanged steel wheels and sheaves up to 18 in. diameter from steel plate. We can work with you to develop a flanged rail wheel best suited to your application. Please see our Rockett Wheel page for more information on our standard sizes and assemblies.






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