4 Common Types of Electrical Enclosures

Sometimes the unsung heroes are the ones that hang quietly out of the way. They do not seem to do much, but without them, all other things would break, burn, or smolder. Today’s technology requires protection in the form of electrical enclosures—the unsung heroes. The boxes are carefully engineered to safeguard the myriad of electronics that make the world go around.

Whether you need standard boxes or custom-designed ones, Rockett Inc. has the capabilities to meet your unique requirements. As a leading electrical enclosure manufacturer, we specialize in metal enclosures for the electric power transmission and distribution industry. Are you looking for something specific for your application? We are here to help.

4 Common NEMA-type Electrical Enclosures

In your search for an enclosure that fits your application, you have probably run across the term NEMA. In short, NEMA stands for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.  This organization has developed a ratings system to indicate an electrical enclosure’s ability to handle and withstand specific environments and hazards. While Rockett products are not specifically NEMA certified; we offer many decades of value-based manufacturing expertise that enables our enclosers to meet the various environmental requirements you need.  NEMA terms are commonly used to describe levels of performance expectations.  There are many, but here are four common types:

  1. NEMA 1: These boxes offer the least amount of protection and are generally used inside. They offer a limited amount of protection against light dust, dirt, and accidental contact with electrical equipment.
  2. NEMA 3: These can be used indoors and outdoors. You will find them outside more often as they give additional protection against falling dirt, rain, snow, sleet, and external ice formation.
  3. NEMA 4: For greater protection against harsh weather conditions, a NEMA 4 may be what you are looking for. They have a watertight feature and are often used to protect outdoor wiring systems and mounted telecommunications equipment.
  4. NEMA 4X: This type has the same protection as a NEMA 4 but with added protection against corrosion. Where there is an excess amount of moisture, these boxes can help prevent condensation build-up and protect sensitive electrical components.

Work with a Leading Electrical Enclosure Manufacturer

You can trust that you will have the right boxes for your job when you work with Rockett Inc., a leading electrical enclosure manufacturer. We have decades of experience in custom design and fabricate enclosures to meet your specifications. Look to us for performance and reliability while keeping on budget as we build your box to the level of protection you desire.

We are an ISO 9001 Certified company and have the capabilities to custom build the perfect solution for your needs. We also stand ready to help with custom machining and industrial powder coating. Let us partner with you to meet your industrial and manufacturing needs.

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