Sheet Metal Fabrication vs Ironwork: What is the Difference?

If you are searching for metal fabricators for an upcoming project, you may discover a variety of construction techniques. Each has its own specific characteristics. It is important to understand some key differences between the some of these methods before you choose the process for your planned undertaking.

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What is Ironwork?

This type of manufacturing comprises three general categories:

  1. Ornamental – This product is meant to enhance the structural foundation of a project. Iron and other metals might be used to provide architectural features, such as gates, railings, stairways, and window frames. Arc welding may be implemented to produce wrought iron, which is often utilized for ornamental purposes.
  2. Structural – These finished items provide just what the name implies. They are used to create the framework for a broad array of structures, from buildings to bridges to carnival rides. You might employ this option if you are designing a tower or an offshore drilling platform, for example.
  3. Reinforcing – This kind of work is meant to add to the strength of a structural product. A worker might cut and bend rods to fit them into an existing framework. Bars may also be added to further secure various features. The people who provide this type of labor are the same ones who use rebar units to reinforce concrete in building construction. Although rebar is not made of steel, it is installed by ironworkers nonetheless.

What is Metal Fabrication?

This kind of process involves using raw materials to create parts, machines, and structures. There are actually various processes that may be employed to achieve different end products. Depending on the scope and objectives associated with a particular project, the workers might be required to cut, punch, weld, or form metal. A variety of specialized machinery is used to perform these functions.

Fabrication technicians generally spend their days in plants and in shops. These individuals might be called upon to produce items such metal enclosures, welded assemblies, panels, brackets, and other parts. While structural ironwork projects are often completed the field; they may also be used as components in larger metal fabrications. An assortment of materials could be used to manufacture these fabricated metal items including steel, stainless, copper, and aluminum. Metal fabrications may also include finishing and final assembly aspects such as painting, plating, galvanizing, gaskets, door handles, etc.

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