How Flanged Steel Wheels Work

Determining the best flanged wheel for your operations takes a little bit of research. There are many different options, but each type might not accomplish what you want for your application. When that happens, it’s useful to understand the basics of flanged steel wheels.

Find the right wheel for your needs when you speak with the professionals at Rockett Inc. We stock many standard sizes or can design ones unique to your operation. With three basic types: single-flanged, double-flanged, and flat-faced, we have the options you need and can help you choose the best one.

The Basics of Flanged Steel Wheels

  1. What is a Flanged Wheel: The term flange refers to the edge or rim that protrudes from a steel wheel’s circumference. It is designed to hold your carts on the rails, so you can easily transport heavy items through kilns or across your plant. The flange also makes the cart self-guiding, thereby alleviating the need for a driver.
  2. How Flanged Wheels Work: The flange is handy, but it isn’t the only thing that keeps the wheel on the rail. Each wheel is manufactured with a tapered thread, which makes them slightly cone-shaped. When installed on a fixed axle, each wheel spins at the same rate. The cone-shape allows one wheel to rotate faster than another, which is especially handy in turns.
  3. Why You Need Flanged Steel Wheels: While the flange is not the only thing keeping the wheel on the rail, they are incredibly vital to safety. If a cart or trolley takes a curve too fast or the rails are bent, the flange helps keep the cart on the track.
  4. Single Flange vs. Double Flange: The difference between the two options is the number of flanges. A single flange has rims on both sides of the wheel. You may choose a double flange when safety is a more significant concern in your operation.

High-Quality Flanged Steel Wheels from Mississippi’s Leading Manufacturer

Put forged steel to the test with high-quality flanged steel wheels from Rockett Inc. Our decades of manufacturing experience are precisely what you need to ensure you keep production going with little disruption to your day. In other words, our wheels keep your carts, bogies, kiln cart, and cranes moving throughout your demanding day. In addition to our years of experience, we are an ISO 9001 Certified company capable of manufacturing or custom building the perfect solution for your needs. We also provide custom designing, custom machining, and industrial powder coating. Contact us today for more information on the range of services we can provide for your business.

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