The Benefits of Working with Custom Metal Fabrication Specialists

While off-the-shelf or assembled parts may get the job done, custom-made is the way to go for precision, high quality and speed of manufacturing. Machined parts are fabricated to meet your specific application requirements. This is critical to the performance, quality and durability of your end product and also impacts customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the main advantages of working with experienced, skilled custom fabricators:

  • Feasibility Review: Determining manufacturability of your designs before your product is machined is key to managing costs and avoiding delays. Thanks to advanced technology, you can now make critical changes at the initial design stage. At Rockett Inc., we offer CAD design and engineering support as part of our custom metal fabricating services. This helps both fabricator and customer increase cost-efficiency and can cut lead-time. Our clients enjoy the highest quality and best value for each project.
  • Selecting The Right Method: Punching, cutting, forming, welding, and machining; there are many ways in which metal parts can be fabricated. Selecting the right method or combination of processes improves quality, reduces production time and minimizes cost. Clients rely on our expert advice and guidance to select appropriate methods based on the specifications and requirements of their end product. Extensive experience producing finished goods and sub-assemblies for a range of industries enables us to help you make cost-efficient choices. From electrical power transmission and distribution, material handling, brick making kilns and ceramics furnaces, and other niche markets, we provide high value, quality solutions for our clients.
  • Specialized Equipment: Types of machinery used and the tooling capabilities of your service provider impact the quality and cost of your product. A company that offers tailored solutions typically has the equipment and resources to focus on the specifics of your needs. Whether you need a prototype or steady volume throughput, Rockett Inc. selects the best equipment and processes to give you the highest quality output in the shortest time and at the best price. Over the years, we have invested in sophisticated equipment including the latest CAD software, CNC machining technologies and testing tools to engineer high-quality precision parts for you. Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and galvaneal—we bring you extensive metal fabrication capabilities. You can count on us to develop scalable manufacturing workflows for consistent output and a great finish.
  • Custom Finish: When finishing treatments are required to meet your design specifications, made-to-order is the ideal choice. Many parts need a combination of finishing processes that a specialized, turnkey service can provide. Our skilled and experienced team will help you keep time, cost and issues down to a minimum.

Speed, production quality, and the cost-effectiveness of a given project depend on your manufacturing partner.Choosing the right service provider can provide significant advantages and boost your bottom line.

As a trusted supplier, Rockett Inc. provides cost-efficient, fabrication services for customers throughout the United States as well as overseas.

  • Our forged steel wheels are known for their strength, durability, and quality.
  • Our competitively-priced NEMA-styled electrical enclosures, oil-tight transformer tanks, frames, and parts perform to exacting tolerances delivering absolute value.
  • We verify car to car sealing, alignment, and accuracy on test tracks to ensure trouble-free performance for every kiln car we build.

Turnkey solutions, design-engineering support, competitive pricing and ontime deliveries have made us the go-to company for over more than six decades.

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