Choose Flanged Steel Wheels for Enhanced Safety and Stability

Flanged steel wheels are ideally suited to applications with heavy loads. High strength and long wear has led to their popularity in a wide variety of heavy-duty industrial rail based applications from material handling to tunneling and mining.  Single, double flanged, and flat faced profiles are the most commonly used.  Single flanged styles are more common and well suited for applications with true consistent track gauges. Double flange are often used in combination with flat-faced wheels in situations where the track gauge may be inconsistent.  Double-flanged style is typically used for large crane rails.

Let’s examine the 3 main benefits of using flanged steel for heavy-duty operations :

  • Efficient movement of heavy loads: Designed with the harshest, most complex applications in mind, these wheels are capable of efficiently handling heavy loads. Whether you are transporting raw materials, in-process work, or finished products; these are the most proven means of ensuring your loads are transferred safely and efficiently. Rockett Inc. has decades of experience engineering low speed wheel and axle assemblies. By carefully designing the ratios of track vs. wheel gauge and using tapered treads to help center the wheels on the rail while traveling; we minimize the possibility of flange wear against the rail head and keep your kiln cars, muck carts, bogeys, and other rolling stock operating straight down on tracks.
  • Reduced wear and tear: One of the proven benefits of these rail wheels is their durability. Rockett’s use of forged steel with induction or flame hardened treads creates a very long lasting wheel that is extremely resistant to flange breakage.  This high quality translates to lower maintenance expense and longer service life.
  • Enhanced safety and stability: Flanges provide greater stability to your load-bearing vehicles, thereby improving the efficiency and safety of your operations. Selecting forged steel provides your wheels with enhanced toughness and durability. At Rocket Inc., customers enjoy a choice of both standard and custom machined wheels for industry-specific solutions. Our flexibility as custom metal fabricators enables us to design handling solutions that integrate seamlessly with your operational requirements.

As the go-to flanged steel wheel manufacturer for over 65 years, Rockett Inc. serves a wide variety of commercial and industrial needs including the brick and ceramic and material handling industries.  Our use of high quality 1045 grade steel combined with end-to-end solutions and exceptional customer service has earned us the loyalty of commercial and industrial clients across the United States as well as overseas.

We are proud that Rockett’s line of standard flanged steel and custom machined wheels, and axle assemblies are currently being used in a wide variety of the most demanding applications. Designed for tough industrial environments, Rockett wheels are able to stand up to grueling tasks on a daily basis. Our expertise in kiln car fabrication is also ideal for making muck carts and rolling stock for tunneling and mining applications.

Competitive pricing, consistent quality and timely deliveries are hallmarks of our service.

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