Forged Steel Wheels: for Your Roughest and Most Demanding Applications

Choose forged steel wheels from Rockett Inc. for heavy duty applications that demand strength and durability. The ability to perform in the tough conditions while supporting heavy loads makes them an ideal choice for movement in high temperature environments.

Type and quality of material have a significant impact on wheel performance and durability. Wear, breakage, and thermal fatigue are linked to the inherent characteristics of the wheel material. The enhanced toughness makes them more resistant to common wear issues and flange breakage as compared to other materials like cast iron.

The process of forging steel enhances its tensile strength and toughness. To understand how this positively impacts your application, let’s examine some of the major benefits of forged steel wheels over those made from cast iron.

  • Superior resistance to wear and cracking: It has denser structure than cast iron, which accounts for its superior resistance to cracking or fracturing under heavy loads. Depending on the need of your application, it can be heat treated to further to increase hardness and consequently, reduce wear and longer service life.
  • Forging increases the strength: The metallurgical refinement that occurs during forging creates a stronger product that is better able to withstand impact and force. Since the internal grain pattern realigns to its new shape, its strength properties are better organized than with a casting. The forged realignment simply localizes mechanical strength characteristics where needed to increase wear resistance.
  • Supports higher loads: It has been proven to support a 30% greater load than grey iron, resulting in higher performance, longer service life and lower maintenance expenses. At Rockett Inc, the tread (rolling surface) of our 10”, 12″, and 350mm forgings are induction hardened to a minimum of 425 Brinell for increased wear resistance under the heaviest of loads. Flame hardening is also available.
  • More cost-effective choice: By aggregating our Rockett forgings with tapered roller bearings, and our own machined axles, we are able to develop a low-cost, durable wheel assembly that is ideal for heavy, medium, and light duty low speed applications.

With the right wheels, downtime and maintenance expenses can be kept to a minimum, thereby increasing your productivity and profits. As a trusted contract manufacturer for over 65 years, you can rely on the experts at Rockett Inc. for advice on material selection. All of our forgings are made from high quality 1045 grade carbon steel and have a unique 10-year guarantee on thread life and breakage.

Known for their strength, durability and value, thousands of forged steel wheels manufactured by Rockett Inc. are being used both in light and heavy duty industrial applications worldwide. Whether your application is in the brick and ceramic, tunneling, lumber, or other industries with material handling needs, our proven products stand the test of time. See our brochure of standard forged wheel sizes and assemblies. We can also work with you to develop custom designs and shapes for your specific application.

Strong, economical and long-lasting wheels backed by exceptional customer service have put Rockett’s forged steel wheels on the industry’s preferred list of manufacturers.

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