Want a Better Wheel? – Rockett’s Forged Steel Wheels Lead the Pack

Longer-Lasting Kiln Car Wheels Begin with Steel

Kiln cars need tough wheels to carry their heavy loads through the kiln firing process. Instead of relying on brittle materials such as cast iron, why not choose forged steel wheels from Rockett, Inc.? We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we did improve it! Our improvements are now the well-established industry standard.  This enables our customers to keep rolling products out their kilns so they can reap the benefits of worry-free equipment.

5 Reasons to Choose Forged Steel Wheels for Your Kiln Operations

For any business, time is money. If you are struggling to get your kiln cars through because of worn-out wheels, then check out these five reasons to choose forged steel for your replacements:

  1. They are strong. The process of forging steel realigns the mechanical strength characteristics of the metal. The results are greatly enhanced strength and grain structure.
  2. They last longer than cast iron. An added benefit of using heat and compression in the process is the increased wear resistance. Forged steel is tougher and less brittle than cast iron.  Your wheels can take the heat and keep on trucking through.
  3. They handle the heavy loads better. Each type of metal has its best uses. For forged steel, its ability to handle heavy loads is a huge plus.
  4. They can be used for a variety of operations. You’re not only relegated to kiln cars since these wheels can be used for hot metal transfer cars, mining and tunneling, drydocks, and any other lite-rail based heavy material handling.
  5. They are customizable. Most operations can use standard forged steel wheels. However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the status quo. Rockett Inc. can design and machine a custom wheels and axle assemblies for your unique application.

Forged Steel Wheels from the Industry Leader

Get the most usage for your investment dollars when you choose forged steel wheels for your kiln cars. They last longer, handle the pressure of repeated use better, and can be customized to your specifications. Once you decide on forged steel, contact Rockett, Inc. to get the best design and service in the market. Our ISO 9001 Certified facility can handle your request on time. Not only can we forge your kiln car wheels, but we also provide high-quality custom machining and sheet metal fabrication, and industrial powder coating services.

Call 601-939-2471 or request a quote online from Rockett Inc., Mississippi’s preferred manufacturer of forged steel wheels.






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