What Are the Working Loads for Mine Cart Wheels

All types of equipment parts have their limits. This includes the industrial wheels underneath your mine carts. When they are working within their set parameters, production can move along smoothly. However, failure has the potential to cause serious harm to your employees. The last thing you need is to have a critical failure that shuts down your operation and causes unnecessary delays.

Choose the best mine cart wheels for your organization when you talk with the knowledgeable staff at Rockett, Inc. We provide high-quality wheels for many industries. We can work with you to develop a custom wheel or help you choose from our standard ones.

Dynamic VS Static Loads

Finding the perfect wheels starts with understanding the two different type of loads they will be expected to handle:

  1. Static Loads: As the name suggests, a static load does not change either in magnitude or direction. It is fixed and non-moving. For example, the wheels of a shelving unit that has stock sitting on it in the backroom storage area would be static since it remains constant.
  2. Dynamic Loads: With a dynamic load, things are changing in either direction or magnitude, or even both. This load is never standing still; it’s in constant motion. An example could include a bus running its route. It consistently stops and goes while picking up passengers.

Factors Affecting Performance

As you choose a particular type of mine cart wheel for your application, there are other factors to consider, including:

  • Load size and distribution – The loads your mine carts are expected to carry can vary in mass, volume, and placement. Uneven placement can increase the force affecting certain wheels.
  • Operating speed of cart – It’s imperative that the speed at which your cars operate be taken into account when choosing the wheels.
  • Environmental conditions – Extreme temperatures can affect the performance of your wheels. Corrosive substances can compromise their integrity as well.

Choose Your Mine Cart Wheels from Rockett, Inc.

Find the perfect mine cart wheels for your operation and keep projects moving forward when you work with Rockett, Inc. We have over 40 years in forging standard and designing custom wheels for various industries. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we offer a wide range of sizes and customizable options to give you the perfect solution for your manufacturing or industrial needs. We are always ready to assist you with custom machining and also your industrial powder coating needs.

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