What to Expect from Your Electrical Enclosure Manufacturer

Electrical enclosures serve the purpose of encasing and protecting electrical components for safety and optimal performance. They are designed to mitigate fire hazards, electric shock, and other threats. Rockett Inc. can fabricate custom electrical enclosures in various sizes and configurations. We are happy to help you choose a cabinet that will protect your industrial or commercial equipment.

Below are some of the expectations you should have for your electrical enclosure manufacturer.

Adheres to Enclosure Standards

The design of your electrical enclosure will enhance the performance of your circuit board and other components. They can however, inhibit their performance if it’s not built correctly. Which is why it’s important to choose a manufacturer that follows industry standards.

Reliable manufacturers adhere to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). NEMA standards let manufacturers know which conditions the enclosures are suitable for. For example, some cabinets are for indoor use and non-corrosive environments, while others are for outdoor use and can stand up to more severe environments.

Verifies Advertising Claims

The best enclosure manufacturers take pride in offering reliable, durable, and top performing products. They are also transparent and capable of verifying their marketing claims. For example, the enclosures should meet the performance and design standards described in the brochures or on the website.

Some of the features that Rockett, Inc. takes pride in are:

  • Delivers consistent quality at a great value
  • Customized approach based on customer design needs
  • Offers in-house powder coating with tested and proven performance
  • Full-service manufacturer with in-house engineering, production, and quality teams

Offers Many Configurations and Sizes

Since electrical components differ, so must their enclosures. Expect your electrical enclosure manufacturer to offer a wide range of configurations and sizes to meet your needs. Rockett, Inc. also has a variety of material choices such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum. Not only does the proper configuration ensure an easy installation, but also helps save you money.

When ordering a custom electrical enclosure for your electrical equipment, you can put your trust in Rockett, Inc. We build custom NEMA-style electrical enclosures with 2 in-house powder coating systems that will exceed your expectations.  To learn more about our enclosures and the steps to placing an order, contact us today.






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