3 Types of Flanged Steel Wheels to Get the Job Done Right

Mine carts are used around the world to haul materials such as iron ore, coal, and other extracted materials. They are also be used to remove dirt and overburden. Mine carts typically consist of wood or metal boxes mounted on flanged steel wheels. The wheels are an important part of mine carts because they keep the cart on the tracks and reduce mishaps.

Rockett Inc.’s flanged rail wheels are made from 1045-grade forged steel with precision CNC machining for added durability and a longer lifespan. They are far superior to the brittle cast iron wheels used back in the day. With our steel wheels, you know you are getting the biggest bang for your buck, as well as less maintenance, less service and less cracking and breakage.

There are three types of flanged wheels to choose from. Each type of wheel will allow you to get the job done right, but there are differences between them.

  1. Single Flanged Wheels

Single flanged track wheels are wheels with a flange on only one side of its tread. They’re ideal for heavy duty commercial and industrial tracks. Most commonly used for in-plant operations, single flanged wheels have the capacity to carry approximately 1,400 to 20,000 pounds. The one flange is enough to prevent movement in either direction, keeping cars and carts on their respective tracks. Rockett Inc.’s single flanged wheels are made from 1045-grade steel and range in size from 5 to 14-inch tread diameter.  Larger sizes have induction hardened tread.

  1. Double Flanged Wheels

Double flanged track wheels have two flanges instead of one. They are recommended for environments that are not as controlled, such as tunneling.  One flange may not be enough to keep it on the track properly. Double flanged wheels will provide low-friction transportation, and the two flanges ensure that the wheel tracks regardless of minor variances in track gage.

  1. Flat Faced Wheels

Another option is flat faced wheels. These wheels have no flanges riding along the edges. This does not reduce or affect their functionality but instead offers the cart more lateral movement.  In some applications where there are significant variances in track gage, one side of the cart with have double-flanged wheels while the other side is fitted with flat-faced.  Rockett offers standard 1045-grade  forged steel double & flat faces wheels in 12-inch tread diameter.

Get the Best Steel Wheels from Rockett Inc.

When searching for the most durable, longest lasting and highest quality flanged steel wheels, put your trust in Rockett Inc. Not only do we offer single flanged, double flanged and flat faced wheels in standard sizes, but we can also make custom machined wheels for your exact needs.

With our customizing process, you’ll have the option to include additional features such as flame hardening, and custom tread profiling. We plan to be your one-stop shop for mine cart wheels. Contact our team today for a free quote.






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