3 Type of Mine Cart Wheels to Get the Job Done

An ordinary person often thinks of mine cart wheels similar to the ones on the carts that flew Indiana Jones through the mineshaft. A more recent example would be Uncle Trevor and his nephew, Sean, racing toward the center of the earth in the 2008 movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth. Typically, these pieces of equipment hauled ore, not movie actors, and they have evolved over the years. As mines grew, so did the carts, and in turn, the wheels. Without the right set of wheels, no work can get done, and that causes delays in production. No one wants to face that dilemma.

Acquire the best mine cart wheels when you work with Rockett Inc. We have more than 50 years of experience under our belts. We offer forged steel wheels with a 10-year guarantee for tread life and flange breakage. You can rest assured that your wheels will hold up under the pressure of the job.

3 Styles of Mine Cart Wheels

Mine carts are used around the world to haul materials. For each one, they can have one of three types of wheels:

  1. Single-flanged: Utilized a lot for in-plant operations, the single flanged wheel has the capacity to carry approximately 1,400 to 20,000 pounds depending on size and configuration. Rockett is happy to offer idler and driven styles to fit your needs.
  2. Double-flanged: When you need something that tracks accurately, you want double-flanged wheels on your carts. They can handle the heavy loads that you require for your operations.
  3. Flat-faced: As the name suggests, there are no flanges riding along the edge of these wheels. This does not affect or reduce their functionality, but instead offer the cart more lateral movement.

When choosing the best option, give us a call and we can help, even if you need to customize a wheel.

Obtain the Best Mine Cart Wheels from Rockett Inc.

Find the right tools for the job when you give the team at Rockett a call. We have decades of experience to ensure you get the right equipment you need to keep production rolling along. We can custom build the perfect solution in our ISO 9001 Certified facility. Need custom design and fabrication? We are ready to dive into your unique or challenging project. We offer high-quality custom machining and industrial powder coating service. Like our other customers, you will quickly realize we are your one-stop-shop.

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