Why Choose Forged Steel Wheels?

Many people have specific ideas about their favorite tool, music, or drink. Years ago, you could turn on the television and see beer commercials where opposing sides would shout ‘tastes great!’ or ‘less filling!’ A similar concept occurs in the industrial market. There are different options for the types of carts, wheels, and tools to use for a variety of applications. One company may love cast iron and never consider other options. While another enterprise trusts that the only type of wheel for them is forged steel.

At Rockett, Inc., we believe you should have the right tool for your specific application. When it comes to wheels for kiln cars and rail cars used in heavy-duty industrial work, your best option is forged steel wheels. In fact, we reinvented the wheel in 1965 with our R12A forging for kiln car applications.

5 Reasons Steel Is Better for Almost Every Application

Here are five reasons to choose forged steel wheels for your industrial application:

  1. The forging process produces more robust load support. Because the steel is shaped using a hot forging method, there is one solid piece, able to withstand 30% greater loads than cast iron.
  2. They can handle shock loading. It is the processing that creates an extremely strong metal wheel with the ability to handle a greater shock load than cast iron without cracking.
  3. The wheels can be reheated to increase their hardness. Unlike cast iron, forged steel gets stronger with the more heat and pressure you add. A bonus is that steel is easier to weld.
  4. They reduce downtime during production. The more durable the metal, the longer it lasts. You can look forward to reducing downtime because your flanged steel wheels don’t wear as fast as cast iron.
  5. The applications stretch across many different industries. Most of the time, we think of flanged wheels as being used for railroad cars. They can do so much more. Consider the timber and lumber industry, or tier-1 automotive, and mining.

Reduce Downtime with Flanged Steel Wheels by Rockett, Inc.

Save time and money while keeping your customers happy when you choose forged steel wheels from Rockett, Inc. Whether you have rail cars for your brick and ceramic operations or carrying timber through your mill, we have the right equipment to keep you moving. Our capabilities aren’t limited to just forging wheels. As an ISO 9001 Certified company, we can custom machine and finish your products. Don’t forget to ask us about our custom designing and fabrication for your unique projects, too. We are Mississippi’s one-stop-shop for your manufacturing needs!

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