Basic Maintenance for Your Flanged Rail Wheels

Wheels made for industrial applications need to be tough and ready to do their job right. While some are used for light applications, others are utilized in more heavy industries such as wood processing, forestry, mining, manufacturing, brick and ceramic. Companies in these key areas expect their equipment to stand up to the use and abuse of heavy loads. Poor quality or the lack of timely maintenance can not only cause production to shut down, but it can also result in injuries or even death.

Keep your production time in check while protecting your team when you choose the right flanged rail wheels for the job and utilize good maintenance standards. Rockett Inc. works with companies like yours to build and provide the highest quality wheel for your applications. Take advantage of our years of experience.

4 Tips for Basic Maintenance of Your Flanged Rail Wheels

All tools require some maintenance. Here are four essential tips to get you started:

  1. Choose the Right Wheel for the Job: Having the wrong equipment for the task at hand is a recipe for disaster. Do not use mismatched wheels as they pose a severe safety hazard. You also want to look for wheels with the right composition of metal and size.
  2. Choose the Best Material for the Wheel’s Application: Depending on what you expect your wheels to handle, you want the right material.
  3. Handle Flanged Rail Wheels with Care: Scrapes and notches reduce the integrity of the wheel, specifically with the corrosion protection. Rust is a killer for any wheel, so it is best to prevent problems before they start.
  4. Avoid Exceeding Load Limits: Rail wheels are built to handle heavy loads, but they do have their limitations. An over-loaded cart can flatten the wheels or even break the flanges. This can lead to damaged rails, which only compounds the issue.

High-Quality Flanged Rail Wheels from Mississippi’s Leading Manufacturer

Take care of your equipment, and it will take care of you. When it’s time to replace your flanged rail wheels, contact Rockett Inc. We are an ISO 9001 Certified company with decades of experience to manufacture or custom build the perfect solution for your needs. We also provide custom designing, custom machining, and industrial powder coating. Check us out today.

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