Custom Metal Fabrication: Save Time and Money with Precision Laser Cutting

Selecting the right metal cutting method is critical to maintaining the quality of your final product and a healthy bottom line. CNC laser cutting has distinct advantages over other manual and mechanical methods. They offer the best combination of precision and flexibility.  They typically eliminate the need for deburring which helps reduce your cost.

5 Reasons Laser Cutting May Be Ideal for Fabricating Your Metal Components

  1. Unmatched precision: Computer controlled (CNC) lasers are among the most exacting cutting methods available. They easily burn through a variety of metal types and thicknesses with practically no slag. The focused light energy beam cuts through the material leaving no tooling marks, only a smooth bevel-free edge. Set up time is minimal even when switching between both material type and thickness.
  2. Design versatility: Laser cutters are very flexible. Whether your project involves complex shapes, small holes or thick metal sheets—the laser beam slices through easily and precisely while maintaining superior edge quality.  The lasers ability to maintain a constant height above the sheet surface means it can easily deal with warped sheets and even cut non-flat objects.  In most cases, if you can design it, the laser can cut it!
  3. Maximum utilization of material: Lasers cut many material types. Our 4KW C02 laser can cut up to .750” thick mild steel and .375” stainless steel or aluminum.  It can easily handle a 60” x 120” sheet and delivers specified the positional accuracy of .0004 over 20 inches.  The ability to closely nest parts allows for maximum utilization of materials, reducing costs. Lasers create a smaller heat-affected zone, which lowers the risk of material warping or deformation at the cutting site.
  4. Shorter time: As multiple jobs or parts can be nested or cut in a single program, laser cutting reduces the time taken to process both large and small parts for complex orders.
  5. Little or no machining required: The melting and vaporization of the metal leave an almost polished edge which requires little to no secondary processing or cleans up.

In addition to precision CNC laser cutting, Rockett Inc. offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities for the brick and ceramic, material handling and electrical power transmission and distribution (PT&D) industries. Our team offers vast experience and a firm commitment to providing you with quality and value.

Overview of Our Fabrication Capabilities

Talk to us for custom metal fabrication services that cater to your most unique and complex needs. From mild steel to stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass or other special alloys—we are comfortable fabricating a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.  It does not matter whether you require only a single prototype or a large volume run; we can combine various materials with the right process/equipment for high quality, cost-effective results.

Equipped with the latest machines, including the CNC turret punching, laser and plasma cutting, 3 and 4 axis machining, turning lathes and forming equipment, we produce your metal components with a focus on quality, on-time delivery, and value.

Talk to our experienced metal fabricating engineers about your application requirements and challenges. We can work directly from your drawings and specifications, or offer 3D CAD design and engineering support as needed.

Call 601-939-2471 or request a quote online for custom metal fabrication solutions in Mississippi.






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