Industrial Powder Coating: 3 Tips on Selecting the Right Company to Work With

Superior surface protection, heat resistance and durability have made industrial powder coating the preferred finish, for outdoor electrical enclosures, transformer tanks, and a wide variety of other parts. However, not all powder coating finishes are created equal, because contract manufacturers use a variety of products and systems to do the job. With the performance and durability of your equipment at risk, vetting the company in advance will save you money and stress.

Here are 3 important points to help you select the right metal fabricator.

  • Industry experience: Look for a contract manufacturer with proven capabilities in fabricating parts that you need. Even application of the right type of coating ensures that your equipment is properly protected from weather, extreme temperatures and other factors that are specific to your application. An industry specialist understands your requirements and has the resources to fulfill them. Electrical enclosure specialists at Rockett Inc. offer customized solutions to provide the specific level of protection you require while maintaining the highest quality. Our powder coating applications for pad-mounted electrical equipment exceed the IEEE’s rigorous C57.12.28 standard requirement.
  • Equipment: The appearance and durability of the finish are impacted by powder coating quality as well as the application process. Many failures are caused by a lack of proper surface preparation, coatings with a higher content of reclaimed materials and outdated equipment. The company you are expecting to work with should be willing to share detailed information about the type of powder coating as well as equipment they employ to treat and finish your metal parts. At Rockett Inc., we use the latest computer-controlled powder coating systems for maximum quality and efficiency.  Our 2 state-of-the-art electrostatic systems produce parts that consistently pass 2000 hour Salt Spray Tests. In addition to monitoring and recording system data for consistency, our coating quality is verified by both in-house and third party processes.
  • Certification: Industrial affiliations and certifications are an indication that the company is serious about delivering quality products and service. Rockett’s ISO 9001:2008 Certification assures our customers of consistent standards and high quality. Every metal part that we fabricate undergoes rigorous testing in order to receive Rockett’s stamp of approval which is backed by over 100 years of our proven manufacturing expertise.

The right metal fabricator is one that delivers parts of consistent quality and performance within your time-frame and budget. Rockett Inc. is equipped with the latest metal fabrication and industrial powder coating equipment to provide our customers with optimal quality and value. We offer a comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities which can be customized to meet your specific application requirements.  Rockett has 2 modern industrial powder coat painting systems to best match your needs.  Both utilize 5 stage washer systems for superior preparation and paint adherence.  Our original system (installed in 2000) features a 5’ X 8’ X 10’ part capability, with both automatic and manual guns.

With the help of our newer large-unit specialized powder coating system (built in 2012) we have increased our capacity for multiple parts up to 12’ x 12’ x 12’ and weighing up to 6,000 lbs. Our Power-and-Free conveyor system is able to handle a variety of coating and cure times; plus our Powder Booth is equipped with 3 manual spray guns and 2 man-lifts allowing maximum reach.

Talk to our experienced metal fabricating engineers about your application requirements or challenges. They will work closely with your team to customize an industrial powder coating solution that enhances the performance and service life of your parts. As a trusted contract manufacturer for the electrical power transmission and distributionbrick and ceramic, and material handling industries, you can count on us for competitively-priced finished products and sub-assemblies that live up to world-class quality.

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