Forged Steel Wheels vs Cast Iron Wheels- Pros and Cons

When comparing forged steel wheels to cast iron wheels, you’ll discover pros and cons to both. The best choice comes down to what you are using the wheels for. Forged steel is generally stronger and more reliable than cast iron due to the alternation of the grain flows of the steel. This is why they’re recommended for demanding environments like mining, tunneling and bricks and ceramics.

Let’s learn more about the advantages and disadvantages to forged steel and cast iron wheels. This way, you can make an informed decision for your business operations.

Forged Steel Wheels

Forged steel wheels are manufactured in a forging operation. “Forging” refers to shaping metal using localized compressive forces. Because this process offers a uniform composition and structure, forged steel wheels provide the following benefits:

  • Tougher than most other alternatives
  • Better impact compared to castings
  • Economical – not only will these wheels last longer, but also there is less of a need for expensive alloys to attain a similar strength
  • Less surface porosity (void space in a rock)
  • Greater ductility and malleability

There are a few things to be aware of when ordering forged steel wheels. First, complex and intricate part shapes are difficult to make using the forging method. Secondary processing may also be required to achieve the final design. Lastly, forged steel wheels are more expensive than others.

Cast Iron Wheels

Cast iron wheels are manufactured by melting pig iron and mixing in scrap iron and steel scrap. At various steps in the manufacturing process, contaminants are removed so that they do not affect the overall strength of the material.

Cast iron wheels are a great choice for some applications. They can support a significant amount of weight, and complex parts are no problem. Cast iron is also less expensive than forged steel, but you can expect to replace it sooner.

There are some drawbacks to cast iron wheels. The parts are not as tough as forged steel and they have a lower impact and pressure resistance. Because of this, cast iron wheels are not the best option for demanding work environments.

Purchase Forged Steel Wheels from Rockett Inc.

Getting the correct wheel for your application is crucial. When you take the time to choose the best wheel, you can minimize long-term costs, improve efficiency and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Get in touch with Rockett Inc. to learn about our forged steel wheels and why they are a great, economical alternative to cast iron wheels.






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