Tips on Designing the Right Steel Cable Sheaves for Your Wire Rope

Selecting the right size for sheaves will help prevent frequent wire rope damage which in some instances occurs after just one run. Many common operational issues including the wireline getting dislodged or losing its strength are caused by improper sheave sizing and alignment problems. Our experts offer 3 valuable tips to eliminate stress failure, improve equipment safety and efficiency, as well as increase the lifespan of your sheaves and wire rope.

  • Pay attention to sheave groove size and diameter: When sheaves for your wire rope are too large or too small, there is greater stress on both resulting in spooling trouble and premature wear. For instance, grooves that are too large have proven to cause the wire rope to flatten and unbalance leading to the wire breaking. When properly sized, the groove provides maximum support to the rope lowering the sheave bearing pressure and increasing sheave and rope lifespan. Typically the groove diameter should exceed that of the wire rope by 5% while groove depth should be one-and-a-half times the rope diameter. A groove angle between 30° and 45° offers the best support for the wire rope. Specific dimensions and angles may vary depending on your application.
  • Ensure sheave groove hardness: The hardness of sheaves is a factor that is often overlooked. Since the wire rope is hard, the pressure it exerts on the groove can lead to corrugations if the sheave is not properly hardened. To avoid this, ensure your steel cable sheaves are flame hardened. (A simple way to determine if your grooves are worn out is by using a sheave gauge.) At Rockett Inc., we can provide flame hardening for wear resistance along the contact area.
  • Correct sheave groove alignment: Poor alignment of your sheaves wears out the wire rope and sheave flange. This is because the rope comes into constant contact with the flange creating stress on the rope, abrasion damage and fatigue breaks. Any alignment issues should be corrected immediately.

To avoid operational problems, opt for custom made steel sheaves. This way the sheaves for your wire ropes are tailored to your specific requirements instead of the other way around. As an experienced sheave manufacturer with a state-of-the-art facility in Mississippi, Rockett Inc. offers comprehensive custom solutions for diverse industrial and commercial needs.

Should you have a specific requirement, our experienced engineers can work closely with you to design and manufacture the product your application requires. Precision engineering and state-of-the-art metal fabrication equipment result in a closer tolerance fit to the wire rope to reduce fatigue and wear. Inspection at every stage of our manufacturing process ensures that the final output meets your specifications.

Need assistance with designing sheaves for wire rope? We are always happy to help. Our team can work directly from your drawings and specifications, or offer 3D CAD design and engineering support optimized for practical, cost-effective results. Over the years, we have produced the most diverse range of custom steel cable sheaves for our clients across the globe.  Having the ISO 9001:2008 Certification means we take pride in quality and customer satisfaction.

Each Rockett Inc. product is designed to give you years of cost-effective service.
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