Rockett Inc. Featured in National Welding Month Video

Some might say the trades are dying in America. Young people may not see the value in becoming a welder, electrician, plumber, HVAC technician, or various other skilled trades. Luckily, the American Welding Society (AWS) knows the importance of a capable labor force, especially those in welding, and celebrates April as National Welding Month. In April 2021, Rockett Inc. was honored to be a featured manufacturer in a video created by the Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA). We’re proud of our outstanding employees and our heritage and look to continue serving the manufacturing sector with our talents in custom metal fabrication.

Why Celebrate Welding?

Man has been welding metal together since the Bronze Age. In 1836, a British chemist named Edmund Davy made advances in the trade when he discovered acetylene welding. Since then, welding has become an integral part of the manufacturing world. Here are a few reasons to celebrate and consider this trade:

  1. The world depends on it: Think of all the items that are made of metal – cars, planes, bridges, even buildings. Most of us rarely think about this fact because a good weld is invisible 99% of the time. There is no other way to keep two pieces of metal together than by welding. If we don’t have those that are skilled in this trade, we won’t have many of the items we depend on. The United States depends on the welding industry for more than half of its GDP.
  2. It offers a bright future for young people: It is one of the fastest-growing professions in America. In fact, we run the risk of a shortage of skilled welders by the year 2024. The job opportunities are practically endless, and it offers high wages without having to pay for a college degree.
  3. You can stay out of debt: Many young people think their only option for a high-paying career is to go to college and amass a mountain load of debt. That’s not the case in welding. You need a high school diploma or GED and the desire to learn. Certification is a huge plus, but you don’t need a four-year degree.

Excellence Begins with Rockett Inc

Choose high-quality manufacturing for your custom metal fabrication projects when you pick Rockett, Inc. Our skilled professionals have the extensive capabilities and experience to take your vision and make it a reality. We can use your drawings or design them in 3D CAD design. Then our talented welders will work their magic to produce a seamless weld that will last. As an ISO 9001 Certified company, we know that quality matters. Additionally, we can help with machining and industrial powder coating services. Discover what Made in Mississippi is all about. We are proud to be an active member of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA) and grateful for the opportunities they bring our way to achieve greater recognition.

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